Support Your Local Healthcare Providers
And First Responders

Why We Started Making These Signs

My wife is an ARNP in the medical field. Last week I was thinking of a way to tell all those front line people thank you! AND to tell everyone else to do their part! They are putting their lives on the line to save all these sick people with COVID-19. So I made several of these signs and put them by the three hospitals and EMS/ Sheriff’s departments in my town. I surprised my wife with these, so she posted a picture on her Facebook page. Since then she immediately received messages asking to buy these sings from 4 different states and there are more requests coming in. Actually someone sent her a video from Fox News, national TV, that shows one of my signs in it! I was shocked!

It was not my intention to sell these but with the response has been overwhelming. So I added this sign to my site so I can easily direct those that would like to put these in their town.

I sell them to cover my expense. Pricing includes printing on both sides, the H stakes (to put it in the ground), and shipping is included as well. Signs are 24" wide by 18" tall.

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Thank you for supporting and recognizing these special people during these terrible times. You should have your signs in 5-7 business days from payment

Post your sign pictures on your Facebook and social media accounts. You can also send one to me and I will do the same: Let me know what town and state it's from.